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A Little Manatee Drama

This unfolded yesterday at dawn. I looked out my window and saw this little manatee all alone. I went out and looked for the adults. There were none. I stood on the dock and watched for over half an hour. No adults anywhere. Meanwhile, this little spud seemed to be looking for some ferns to eat. As it was low tide, they were out of reach. As it swims my way, I notice it has gotten a stick lodged in its nostril.

Of course I called the FWC. They were concerned about the size, which was hard to determine from my video. Apparently, manatees can usually manage on their own once they surpass six feet. They decided to send someone out to investigate.

I’m not near the big city so it took a couple of hours to get here, traffic and all, but some people from the Clearwater Marine Aquarium did show up. They hopped in a kayak and looked around. Unfortunately, Spud had swam away by that time. Fortunately, it had dislodged the stick. Unfortunately, with an incoming tide and the overcast skies causing a mirror-like surface, they didn’t find it.

I will keep an eye out for it today, hope for the best, and post any updates here.