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Manatees. Try to spot them coming up for air...


Now imagine inattentive boaters speeding through these three or four foot deep waters. When there are waves present it’s virtually impossible to see the manatees or for the manatees to react in time to avoid getting hit. This should be a no wake zone.



 Yesterday wasn't all bad news. I had an interesting encounter with this little critter. I'm working on the video, stay tuned.


Dolphins Biting Off More Than They Can Chew


I watched these dolphins assaulting this fish for about twenty minutes before I moved on. I turned around to spot a bald eagle seemingly watching the same commotion.

r/TheBidenShitShow Pussies Are Liars And Hypocrites

 This thin-skinned group of America-hating, fact-denying little bitches didn't like my post trying to correct their blatant lies, so the...